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Cosmic Credit

Great Software, Great Deals at the Tripod Software Store!

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E-Mail Forwarding

Get your own e-mail forwarding address!

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Personal Chat

With Premium Membership you gain the ability to create and maintain your own Personal Chat room. Now you can chat online in real time with whomever you choose, whenever you choose! Sign me up!

Tons O' Disk Space

Extra disk space!
Twenty-two (22) megabytes of disk space for your page-building pleasure. Just imagine what you can do with all that space!

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PM Preview

The Premium Membership Preview: An exclusive monthly newsletter featuring free goodies and sneak peeks at Tripod content and services.

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20% Off Tripod Apparel!

Imagine -- a 20% discount on all Tripod apparel. Now you can buy one of those T-shirts you've always craved.

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Image Library

You like this one, don't you? Tripod's Premium Membership includes an Image Library for Premium Members only, offering a suite of clever graphics and Tripod's Colorizer Technology so you can custom design images for your pages! Sign me up!